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• “Bee Safe” works well and smells good too! And it even repels mosquitoes for an added bonus.”
Dr. David Colannino, Greenville, Rhode Island

•“I have a bee allergy. When I spray with Bee Safe, I feel safe”
John Ciccone, Owings Mills, Maryland

• From: Michael Fruhling
To: Margaret Marisi
Cc: Tom Woodside
Sent: Friday, July 29, 2005 8:00 PM
Subject: Bee Safe Personal Testimonial

Hi Margaret:
I'm writing to make you aware of my personal experience with Bee Safe this evening.  My two young nephews Nicholas (2 1/2) and Christoper (4) are visitng.  We have a redwood play system in our backyard (the type with swings and slides), and Nicholas and Christopher took to it immediately.  Unfortunalely, they discovered quickly that the slide area was swarming with wasps. 

I grabbed my Bee Safe spray, as I didn't want them to be stung, nor did I want them handling or coming in direct contact with an insecticide.  I felt that the all-natural Bee Safe would be put to the ulitmate test.  Believe me, if this didn't work, I'd be writing an e-mail to share the bad news.  I'm very pleased to say that upon spraying the play set with Bee Safe, the bees scattered.  As I write this, they are with their dad and grandmother playing on the set.  I am quite satisfied with its performance from this personal experience, and hope that others will take the opportunity to try it for themselves. 
I've copied Tom on this.  If he feels this message is intended to get him to seriously consider Bee Safe...absolutely!.  However, I wouldn't be writing this, had I not had such a favorable personal experience.   I challenge Tom to put it to the test.   
Margaret, well done.
Best regards,

• "I used some of your Bee Safe insect repellent on the holes and area around the insect holes because it was safe for animals. I never saw the wasps return to their nests or attempt to build any more nests in the area." -- Richard A. Dutch, Foster, Rhode Island

"If you think Bee Safe is good for bees, you can also put it on clothes and skin to keep away mosquitoes. It worked for me." -- Evelyn Deering, Warwick, Rhode Island

• "I have a bee allergy. When I spray with Bee Safe, I feel safe" John Ciccone, Owings Mills, Maryland "When picnicking outdoors, Bee Safe Spray keeps the bugs away, especially yellow jackets." -- Debra Viau, Reno, Nevada

• "Golfing is more enjoyable since using Bee Safe. The bugs just stay away. " -- Sharian Schoal, Attleboro, Massachusetts

• "We used Bee Safe on Field Day. It was so nice not to have any complaints about bees."
--Ronnie Proccopio, Elementary School Teacher, Pawtucket, Rhode Island

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