What is Bee Safe?

Bee Safe was developed primarily to provide safety and comfort for humans, without causing harn to pets or the environmnet. Bee Safe helps protect you from bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and other flying insects. Bee Safe is made from natural ingredients in an herbal base, different aromas that are pleasant to the sence of smell.

How does Bee Safe Work?
The crystal clear Bee Safe solution is not harmful to plant or animal life, but certain insects are suseptible to its effects. When the insect breathes the sprayed particles from Bee Safe, the insect's repiratory tract is disrupted. Depending on the quantity of Bee Safe ingested, the insect will be repelled and fly away. Instinctively, the insect senses the danger and flies away. Since bees and wasps are social insects, they have a unique communiction system.

How do you use Bee Safe?

Simply spray the area to be used or spray directly at the insect. Repeated spraying depends on wind conditions, and the aggresiveness of the insects.

Bee Safe has been scientifically tested to be safe for skin contact – Essex Testing Clinic, Inc., Verona, NJ:
Conclusions for Bee Safe Testing:
“Under the conditions of repeated insult (semi-occlusive) patch test procedure conducted in 45 subjects, Test Article: “Bee Safe” Insect Repellent was “Dermatologist-Tested” and did not induce skin irritation nor show any evidence of induced allergic contact dermatitis in human subjects.”

Bee Safe Fact Sheet?

Bee Safe is an environmentaly safe insect repellent produced and developed by Teragram, Inc. It is crystal clear, has pleasant aroma, and a light, non-oily feel. Bee Safe is patented in the United States. Official award date was September 17, 1996. Proven through research analysis, clinical trials, and chemical analysis to be effective against bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and other flying insects. Bee Safe will not harm the environment. Bee Safe is safe for humans, plants and animals. All of the components of Bee Safe are natural. The components by themselves are ineffective and must be combined for its synergistic effect.

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